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Devon Tower | Some Information On OKC’s Newest Citizen

May 24, 2011

When Devon Tower in Oklahoma City is completed, it will achieve the rank of tallest buildings in the state. The proposed 50-story high building will tower at 850 feet – beating out the current holder of that title, Bank of Oklahoma Tower in Tulsa, at  the 667 feet.

Larry Nichols, the Devon Executive Chairman, states that this building is not only his pride, but the pride of his father’s as they founded the company nearly forty years ago.

Although the building is not yet finished, it currently goes up 37 floors and has already surpassed its neighbors of the OKC skyline. However, if you are thinking construction has slowed slightly, you are correct – this stage is somewhat critical as this is the height where extreme wind speed is experienced. However, the “bucket hoist” technique implemented in the construction of the Devon Tower makes it difficult for the wind to impede progress. Also, don’t worry about getting woozy if you go to the upper floors once constructed,  executives of the tower claim that the shape of the building is designed to shed the wind, so there will be no whiplash effect on the building.

Though visible progress may have slowed, the overall construction of Devon Tower is surprisingly ahead of schedule. To date, they are averaging one week to every one floo. There are approximately 1,200 people who are working on the site each day and about 65 or 75 people are working at night.

By February 2012, about 1,800 people are expected to start moving in and working in the newly crowned “Tallest Building in Oklahoma”.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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