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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Contractor

June 14, 2011

When considering remodeling your house, one of the major concerns is hiring a good contractor. When you already have the best contractor in town, your work does not end there. In order to make the most out of what you paid a contractor for, you need to take into account several things when the job is in progress.

Here are some tips on how you can get the best out of your hired contractor:

  • Make up your mind first before going on a final decision with your contractor. Do not wait for your contractor to give all the suggestions on how your house will look like and what materials to use. That will only work if you have an open unlimited budget to spend on your house remodeling. Otherwise, you will need to set your desired budget and materials to use.
  • Track everything in a small journal. For you to know is everything you want is applied on the job, you need to keep track of everything. But, do it on writing. This will help you remember everything said and done in the previous days or weeks of work. This will also avoid any forms of misunderstanding since you have evidence on who said this and that.
  • At least once a day, check on the progress of your remodel. This will enable you to know if everything is within the right track. If materials are delivered, check it yourself if those are exactly what you ordered. Check also if the windows and doors are I the right position, the walls are in your desired colors and the fixtures are appropriate. This will make more room for changes that might be too late to alter in the future.
  • Always maintain good communication. It might be hassle for you, but set a few minutes each day to talk about the progress of your work. This will enable concerns and problems to be solved immediately and make your work keep moving.
  • Pay on time. Set a payment terms that is amenable to everyone and follow the schedule. This will establish a good working relationship between you and your contractor. Also, this will motivate them to work and enjoy your company.
Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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