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The Beauty of Using Built-ins

July 6, 2011

Built ins are not only functional but can become a great feature inside your house. Space saver storage can become a way for you to reduce the amount of clutter in your house while maximizing the available wall for your floor benefit. Just imagine, less furniture and things on the floor and more of these on the wall.

There are several ways you can create a built in storage inside your house. Though these are indeed practical storage spaces for your things, implementing them in the proper places will add to the overall beauty of your house.

Here are some areas in the house where you can apply built in storage.

  • If you love books and have a huge collection of these paperback and hardbound publications, you will need to have a good-sized bookshelf for storage and display. But having a bookshelf will reduce the small space you have in your hall, in your mini library or in your living room. To save you from this dilemma, instead build a built in bookshelf. Have an empty space on the wall where you can easily stack all of your collection while saving you flooring space to walk around or have a cushioned sofa to sit and read.
  • Your china is beautiful to display in your dining room but they are extremely fragile pieces – a little bump to the cabinet will chance that they might fall off and break. Having a built in display for these fragile items can eliminate the chances of breakage and fall. Just include a glass cover to securely shut it in place while still viable for a showcase.
  • Tired of all the stack books and other office essentials on your table? Is your child having a hard time doing homework with so many books on his or her table? Create a built in storage for your books and school/office essentials in front of your desk or utilizing slide out compartments. You can even have it covered to store these items away while not working or doing homework. You and your family will love the neatness and the extra space.
  • For extra storage space inside the kitchen, create built in storage for your condiments and spices as well as kitchen utensils and small appliances. This will eliminate the need to buy additional kitchen cabinets or islands that will not only take up much of the floor space but will also have the chance of being knocked down.
  • A fireplace needs not to be in the way. Tucking your fireplace safely in a built in unit will not only be safe for your children but will also look good and not overly dominate the living room.
  • Stairs are not only a path to go up to the higher floors but can also become an extra storage or display space for your house essentials. Create a built in storage for your books or figures under the stairs
Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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