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Plumbing Emergency: What You Need To Do When It Happens

August 2, 2011

Seeing a pool of water in your house where there should not be is one of the biggest dilemmas any home owner could face. Although we do not like the idea of facing any kind of plumbing problem, and certainly not cleaning up the after messes, these are inevitable and often coming without a warning.

However, even if these plumbing emergencies come like a thief in the night, we can still find ways to allay such problems. Here are some examples:

  • Panic will never help you. Yes you have a huge problem in front of you but it does not give you reason to panic. The more you panic, the more you cannot think of solutions for your plumbing problems. So instead of panicking, try to keep it cool and think of the first solution to your problem – getting your water shut off!
  • Turn off the water. This will stop your water supply from adding more water to the pool growing in your house. If you can locate the main shutoff valve, this is preferred since it will totally close off your water system and prevent further water damage.
  • If you have a water heater, turn it off. This kind of machine will eventually burst if no water is in it being heated (just one more problem you want to avoid), so the best thing to do is to turn it off as well.
  • Bring the water out of the house. As much as possible turn on the faucets outside your home to let the excess water in the pipes move outside the house rather than inside.
  • Check for leaking pipes. Shut off the connecting water valve when a pipe is leaking and save the water by putting a bucket or something to catch the water under it.
  • When you have frozen pipes, gently thaw them using a blow dryer. This will help to prevent a thermal expansion of water and avoid pipes splitting open.
  • Locate the problem. See where the main source of the plumbing problem is as this will greatly aid your plumber in solving the problem quickly.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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  1. Very good blog post. I always mention that a plumber was unknown until the upsurge of modern society in the nineteenth century, the same time that local health departments began insisting on better effluent disposal systems to be installed and the same time that plumbers in Cardiff started providing a modern, clean service. Before this the waste disposal system meant collection and deposition in the local waterways.

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