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When To Prune Your Trees

August 23, 2011

A tree may be pruned for many reasons. Among these reasons are to reduce its height, to add shape and to remove the branches that may cause an obstruction of a view. Aside from large scale projects, pruning trees can be done by you.

If you plan to prune your trees, it is best to know when exactly to do the job. In addition, doing the pruning yourself will also require you to know what you must do to achieve your objective. Otherwise, you will need an expert to do the job especially in cases of larger trees.

For almost all types of trees, the best time to prune is during the dormant season which is during the late fall or winter.  These periods are best since these are the seasons when they will minimize sap loss and subsequent stress to the tree. This will also reduce the risk of infection to the tree as fungi and insects are at dormancy stage during the period.

Removal of the dead branches can be done anytime of the year. For some people, whenever they see a dead branch, they remove them instantly as it affects the overall beauty of the tree.

For flowering trees, these can also be pruned during the dormant season. In addition, there are also schedules that need to be followed for pruning flowering trees and shrubs. For instance, these types of trees need to be pruned early spring after flowering as buds will soon rise and will form a fresh growth for the tree.

For trees without showy flowers, prune them during the dormant season. This will enable you to see the structure of the tree clearly. Also, pruning during this time will maximize the closure of the wound as well as minimize the risk of disease transmission. Usually, fresh wounds are very appealing to insects that lead to the transmission of tree diseases.

If you are in doubt of the type of tree you have, it is wise to seek help from a specialist so you will have an idea what to do with your tree and when to prune it. The beauty of your garden does not only rely on the beautiful colors your flowers offer but also on the magnificence of your trees.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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