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How To Clean Your Gutters And When

August 30, 2011

Cleaning the gutters is as important as cleaning other parts of your homes exterior, if not more so. Not only will it enhance the beauty of your of your house, but it will also prevent damage to your interior due to water seepage.

When cleaning your gutters, it is recommended to put it at the top of your top priority list twice per year. The best times to clean your gutters are later spring and fall. For some areas where rain is more frequent, more than twice a year would be more advisable..
Step by step procedure in cleaning your gutter.

Collect all the tools that you will need when cleaning your gutter. Have your ladder ready, your gutter scoop or trowel to scoop dirt and leaves, trash bag or a bucket to place your trash and a garden hose. If you have a leaf blower, you might want it nearby as well so it is within reach whenever you need it.

Set your ladder on the starting place. The idea starting place to clean your gutter is where your downspout is located. You can start removing the dirt, leaves and twigs away from the opening of your downspout so no additional debris can accumulate in your downspout.

Get set! Put on your work gloves and set your bucket or your trash bag near the ladder where you can easily put all of the trash you can scoop from the gutter. Work gloves will be able to protect your hands from sharp and dirty objects. If you already have the bucket or the trash bag with you, this will minimize the need for additional clean up later.

Start collecting dirt and debris from the downspout. Scoop the leaves and twigs as well as other large debris out of your gutter. Place them in your trash bag to prevent clutter. You can use your trowel or your gutter scoop to quickly scoop up any debris.  Finish it off by using your hands to dislodge resistant pieces.

For dirt that is hard to remove, wet first to soften and remove them with your trowel or gutter scoop. This will prevent damage to your gutter from too much pressure produced by the trowel on hard to remove dirt.

Check if your downspout is clogged. If it is clogged, use your garden hose to clear the pieces that block in your downspout. Make sure to do it gently as your gutter and downspout are not strong enough to resist the pressure of your garden hose. Place your garden house directly into the downspout from the upper end. This will loosen any clogs. Alternatively, you can spray from the bottom end. If this will not work, use a plumber’s snake to draw the debris out of your downspout.

After unclogging your downspout, use your garden hose to rinse the gutter towards your downspout.

After cleaning your gutter, inspect for signs of damages such as cracks or dents and repair them immediately as if they remain untreated they can create leaks.

Dispose your gutter trash – and enjoy a clean gutter!

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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