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Keep Your Exterior Lighting Safe and Functional

September 13, 2011

Installing exterior lights can help to enhance home security as it will make your yard more visible for people to see possible intruders. In other words, when intruders plan to crash in, a greater presence of lighting can help neighbors and patrolling police identify thefts easily.

However, just because these lights were built for the outdoors doesn’t meant that they are indestructible and therefore no need more maintenance. No, exterior lighting needs proper attention, especially considering they help guard your house from possible break-in’s.

To ensure the safety and functionality of your exterior lighting, keep these tips in mind.

  • Sound planning always has its benefits. If you decide to place exterior lighting outside your house, plan accordingly. This means that you must plan where to place exterior lights so these can serve their function appropriately as well as considering it’s protection from outside elements such as too much sun or rain.
  • Regularly inspect your bulbs, fixtures, and even electrical wiring. Plan a regular inspection so you can be assured that your exterior lighting works well and will not bring about irregularities that may damage not only any fixtures around it but also people who frequent the area. You can inspect your exterior lighting as well as your interior lighting once a month.
  • Have a spare light bulb or fixture in case the current one you use is no longer functioning. This will ensure that your outdoor lighting will always stay in working conditionando improve house-safety during the night.
  • If you have solar lighting outdoor, make sure its surroundings are clean and free of debris. Sometimes, it can easily become damaged from flying objects during storms or windy days.
  • Install floodlights at high locations outside your house so it cannot be easily reached by wandering hands.
  • Replace any cracked bulbs or fixture. A small crack can grow in the long run and may affect the entire lighting fixture. It is better to regularly check than and replace them as soon as possible.
  • If you have solar lighting, place a temporary enclosure so that it can be protected especially from inclement weather.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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