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Elegant Ways to Store Your Linens

September 27, 2011

Storing your linens does not have to be done in the conventional behind-closed-cabinet-doors way. Why not have fun with the storage instead and create a unique decorative effect while still maintaining practicality? Here are some elegant and practical ways on how you can store your linens and other bathroom supplies.

  • Store your linens in a built in cabinet. Have a built in cabinet with glass doors so it will not look like you’re your usual boring storage. You can include small compartments inside for organization and add elegant door handles to add flair to the entire cabinetry.
  • If you have a lot of different linens and a cabinet will not fit them all, think about having an entire closet for your linens. Create several compartments to organize and reduce clutter in your bathroom or even in your other cabinets. Paint the different compartments with two different paint colors for some added decorating. And remember to place a hook on the back of your closet door for bathrobes and used towels.

If you’re one of those people who does not mind “Airing your clean laundry”, consider displaying your linens in a glass cabinet. You can place the glass cabinet in the center of your bathroom or in one side of the room. Like your ceramic displays in the living room or your china set in the dining room, let your bathroom have its own display rack that is easily visible.

  • Combine different storage baskets, bins or even bags as your storage solution. Place all these components in an open rack in your bathroom. Although you will use different kinds of storage, creating a single theme like all light-colored or even earth toned designs will make it blend well together.
  • Use an antique armoire. Your clothes are not the only things that can be pampered with an elegant storage, your linens too. So, if you have an extra armoire, use it. Have it repaired so the wood will have a smooth finish to give it an updated look.
  • Uncomfortable with glass cabinets or are you not confident that you will be able to keep your linens consistently and attractively organized? Cover it with a trendy fabric so anytime your linens do not look too good enough for display and you have no time to fix them up, pull down the fabric and problem solved!

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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