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Tips For Your Home | Disposing of Garbage

October 18, 2011

Let’s talk trash… literally. Ever thought about ideas concerning you garbage disposal and how to properly get rid of our trash inside the house? You should. It is quite obvious that to maintain the cleanliness and safety inside our homes, we must use the disposal properly so no grime or bacteria can scatter itself, which will not only make our house interior unappealing but could also be a good source of illnesses and infections to our family.

Disposing of our garbage can now be several done in different ways. This depends on what kind of trashes we are using and if these can still be used for recycling. First is your regular trash bins or baskets. Here you can throw away papers and dry materials that you do not need to use. You can even use trash bins or baskets in your kitchen for throwing fruit and vegetable peelings, empty cans, and jugs or empty glass bottles. Cover your trash bins and baskets with a used grocery plastic bag so you do not need to always clean your trash bin.

Second is through a trash compactor. This device instantly crushes your trash into a smaller size to maximize space. Such methods will not only save you effort in replacing your garbage bag and taking the trash out, but it will also save you the cost of buying garbage bags more frequently. Just remember that your trash compactor works best with dry and clean trash.

Third is via a garbage disposal. Usually, sinks are now installed with a built in garbage disposal so every time you have scraps, you can easily clean it off your plate through your sink as it will go straight to your garbage disposal. You no longer need to separate the scraps first before cleaning your plate. What is more interesting is the idea that sewage treatment facilities accept scraps in your garbage disposal to be converted to a more effective use. Scraps are broken down and placed back into the water system as these contain a high liquid content.

Fourth is composting your trash. This is applicable to food waste or trash that can easily be turned into compost. If you have a garden, you will find this a great use since the decomposed food materials will give more nutrients for the soil to grow more healthy plants.  Just allocate a piece of you garden soil for you to throw your food waste into. Make sure you cover it so it will not attract pests.  Not only will you create a thriving garden, but you can save sine space in the ever-growing landfills.

Proper garbage disposal is essential in every home as to make our environment clean and safe. Not only will everything look beautiful and organized, but it will reduce the risk of infections caused by pests and bacteria that comes to our trash.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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