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Making Your Pets Comfortable At Home

October 25, 2011

Pets are a part of the family, and just as we look out for our human family members, we should also look out for our dogs and cats!  We already treat them with so much love, respect, and care that it only makes sense to ensure our homes are comfortable for them too.

Below are some excellent tips on how you can provide greater comfort for your dogs and cats at home.

  • Be sure they have a cozy seat. They enjoy sitting and relaxing just as much as we do, so give them something soft to sit on while they wait for their afternoon walk.  A throw pillow beside your couch is a perfect way to give them a place of their own without them messing up your couch.
  • Hate having their fur and dirt all over your clean white sheets? Position a thick, comfy rug beside your bed to give them an incentive to wait for you to wake up wile sitting there versus jumping up onto your bed.
  • Your pet probably loves being outdoors, so make their stay out there comfortable as well.  Give your pet an outdoor bed or cushion, so that they have a nice place to relax while you and your family sit outside and enjoy your backyard.
  • When you feed your dog or cat at dinner time, put a soft rug under the dining room table, so they can eat with the rest of the family.  This will more than likely reduce begging as well!
  • All pets love to cozy up during cold days, so when the weather turns chilly, move their bed closer to the fireplace, so they can enjoy its warmth as well.
  • Even if you must place your pet in their crate, you can still provide them with a comfortable environment.  Fill the crate with blankets and pillows, so they can snuggle up inside.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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