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Simple Ways to Improve Your Laundry Area

November 15, 2011

It is often difficult to work in a space where everything is not easily accessible, crowded, and messy. Instead of doing the laundry, you end up feeling stressed due to the workload in front of you and the clutter that you are facing upon entering the room.

If you often feel this way, it is due time for some organization in the laundry room. You may not often do your laundry, but a well-organized and more functional laundry area will make every load a breeze.

So, when you do plan to organize your laundry area, keep in mind some of these tips:

  • Create different zones in your laundry area.  Some homeowners do their ironing in the laundry room or perhaps use it as an extended mudroom in case there is no room left in the house. If you have enough space in your laundry room, designate a particular area where you can do your laundry or iron. Include all of the necessary devices you will need in each zone like washing machine and dryer in your laundry zone, a permanent ironing board in your ironing zone, and cleaning supplies in your cleaning zone.
  • Invest in functional storage for your cleaning supplies. You will need to stock extra laundry detergents and other cleaning agents so have a storage that can hold these things in one place. A good example would be a set of baskets for storing your laundry necessities that is placed on a customized rack on top of your washing machine and dryer. Two benefits for this design: safety since it is out of reach of your children and functionality as you can easily access your laundry necessities while doing your laundry.
  • Separate your clotheing in different hampers. You can have two sets of hampers to separate white clothes from colored ones. You can also have three hampers to separate house linens from your clothes. The number of hampers depends on how you do your laundry. That way, every time you plan to do your laundry, you can save time sorting which ones will need to go first and which ones need to stay put.
  • Include a hanging rack. This is to hang damp clothes so that they will not mix with the wet ones. You can also use a vertical rack to hang wet clothes when you are not using your hanger. That way, you can still hang your clothes while not allowing them to get in your way.
  • Set a place for folding your clothes. Have a particular area where you can fold your dry clothes and separate them from the wet ones.
  • Ensure storage for everything. So that all things will not clutter your laundry area, make sure they have a permanent home. Make use of wall racks with baskets and bins on top for extra storage.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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