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Creative Ideas For Your Window Treatments

November 29, 2011

Windows treatments are a great way to provide extra protection for your windows, while enhancing their beauty from both the inside and out.

Window treatments are no longer limited to basic white draperies….they have become colorful, intricate, and more personalized. You can add everything from small, colorful details to simple, elegant frills, and you will be amazed by the transformation of your room.

If you plan to install window treatments in your house, consider these creative ideas.

  • Floor-to-ceiling curtains. This is a magnificent option for rooms with high ceilings because it enhances the room’s features on a grander scale.  If you have a more standard height room, but would like the feel of larger ceilings, hang your curtain rods higher above your windows than you normally would, which will create a larger framed area, thus elongating your windows.
  • Themed window sets. If you have a window seat or a lounge chair near your window, you might want to consider a themed window set. This means that your curtains, pillows and other linens fit within the same style and fabric realm to create a well put-together look. If your window overlooks your beautiful garden, try a floral set.
  • Make it more luxurious. Even a simple dining room can become grand with luxurious curtains on each window. Silky long fabrics in colors that match the theme of the room, drawn back with elegant side curtain holders will make any dining experience splendid.
  • Go white. It may seem basic, but sometimes rooms look lovelier with simple, classic curtains. Thin white linen curtains will also enhance lighting in a dark colored window.
  • Include patterns. Make use of a plain curtain by inserting creative patterns or stitching your own cloth pattern to add your personal touch to your window treatments.
  • Add embellishments. Add huge buttons to your simple curtains or even add ribbons and folds in your draperies.  Play around and get creative to create a look that is all your own.
  • Rethink wood. Natural wood can be a great idea for blinds and shades. Choose natural bamboo or other wooden materials for your kitchen blinds.
  • Stitch your name. If you know how to sew and do stitch work, add your name or a phrase to your curtains. For example, you could stitch “Let’s Cook” on your kitchen curtains or “Welcome” on your living room curtains.
  • Play with colors. Just because you may opt to go with simpler curtains does not mean you have to stick to only one tone. Combining various hues of a particular shade (stick to three or less) will add depth to your window treatment, yet maintain simplicity.  You can also experiment with multiple-layer draperies that allow the different colors to interplay with one another.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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