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Oklahoma City Center Offers Recreation for School Vacation

December 29, 2011

School is one of the best places for children to have fun while learning new things. But, when school is out, kids often remain inside watching TV or surfing the internet and are not likely to learn much during the process.  That’s why the Northeast Community Center in Oklahoma City is offering recreational activities for school children during breaks and vacations.

The Northeast Community Center in Oklahoma City offers various programs ranging from movie nights and pool games to Bible studies and tutorials. Brent Cornish, Assistant Program Coordinator at the center, said that about 5,000 children, between ages 10 and 16, have already been using the center.

Children who would like to explore the programs to learn and have fun can do so at any time from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm. The center is located at 1220 NE 33 and not only is it open throughout the holidays, but it will also continue its services on school days until 8:00 pm. Recreational sites at the center include a park, a computer lab, a game lab, and a variety of miscellaneous labs and stations.

Martial Arts are also offered at the center as part of city program. According to Police Master Sgt. Vanessa Price, students are taught great discipline in the martial arts program and they can even enter the citywide competition in the spring. Price manages the police department at the center, which makes it a safe environment for the children to enjoy themselves.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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