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Healthy Bathroom Tips for You and Your Family

February 28, 2012

Even though we go to the bathroom when we want to clean up, ironically, it is one of the most germ-filled rooms in the house. We may feel like the room is clean and even let our kids play around before taking a bath, but the truth is that millions of germs are unnoticeably living throughout the space.  That’s why it’s very important for us to implement healthy bathroom practices to reduce our chances of acquiring germs and diseases that may be residing around us.

Here are some healthy bathroom tips for you and your family to follow:

  • Always make it a habit to wash your hands after using the toilet.  Be sure to wash between your fingers and along your palms and use soap and running water to help eliminate bacteria on your hands.
  • Install an exhaust fan in your bathroom. Exhaust fans circulate the moisture after you take a shower and reduce mold and bacterial growth that would normally result from stagnant moisture.
  • Close the toilet lid before you flush.  This will trap contaminated water vapor inside the toilet bowl and prevent it from splashing out and spreading germs to other areas.
  • Clean your toilet regularly and be sure that you are actually disinfecting it as well.   Regular cleaning and disinfection will reduce possible rust and lime scale buildup that can harbor bacteria and produce an odor.
  • Rinse your sink and shower every after use.  This helps reduce soap scum and lime scale buildup and slows germ and bacteria reproduction.
  • If your children use bath toys, make sure that they are air dried every after use.  Once dry, store the toys in a mesh bag that will allow air to circulate between the toys so they do not mold.
  • After using your bathtub, towel dry it to prevent bacterial growth in that area.
  • Always have an antibacterial soap ready for use inside the bathroom at all times. This will provided added protection for you and your family against bathroom germs.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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