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Where Will I Live During My Home Renovation?

April 26, 2012

Renovating your home can be an exciting endeavor because you get to add a newly designed space to your home that is exactly the way you want it.  However, ongoing renovations can also become stressful because they disrupt your normal living patterns and add clutter and dirt to your home. Dust accumulates more quickly, the equipment can be noisy,  and the debris from the construction can pose a danger to your kids.

When planning a large-scale home renovation, one of the issues you need to consider is where your family will live.  Are you going to stay at home even while there is construction going on or will you need to transfer to temporary living quarter or stay with family?  Keep in mind that, while the outcome of your home renovation may be very attractive, the process of achieving it can be less than romantic.

The first important thing to do when planning for home renovations is to talk to your project manager.  Map out the areas in which the workers need to work or pass through.  Also establish which areas of the house are strictly off limits to them.  Ask your project manager what he or she estimates the timeframe will be and what types of  machinery and chemicals they will use during construction.  Clarifying these things in advance will help you decide if you will have a safe place inside your house to stay during the renovations or if you will need to organize other living arrangements.

If you decide to stay in your house, keep the off-limits areas as secure as possible from the dust and debris of the project.  Make sure that the pathways throughout your house and to the outside do not lead you to or pass through the construction site.  Also keep all of your furniture covered and secure.

If you determine that you need to live somewhere else for a while, there are certain places you can stay without maxing out your budget. First, check to see if you can stay at a friend’s or relative’s house.  You will feel comfortable knowing your kids are safe in the comforts of your loved ones and you will not have to spend a fortune on renting a space.

If none of your friends or family can accommodate you, you will probably have to rent an apartment.  This option is ideal if you have a renovation that will take several months to complete.  It is much less expensive that staying at a hotel, and you will not feel like you are burdening other people.  Going on a vacation while the renovations are taking place is also a good option.  You can relax and de-stress while away and then return to a beautiful new space in your home.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor


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