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Quick and Easy Tips for Making Your Home Healthier

May 17, 2012

Healthier homes reduce the chances of family members contracting illness and disease, such as the flu or asthma. Although we like to think of our homes as refuges, the truth is, if you don’t keep your home clean, it can be an unhealthy source of sickness.  Taking a few steps to make your home healthier will help minimize the possibility of contracting colds and allergies.

Below are some quick and easy tips for making your home healthier:

  • Maintain good ventilation at all times. Make sure that clean air can come in and bad air can go out as often as possible. Clean air contributes to clean lungs.
  • Stop and repair water leaks immediately. Not only will leaks cause mold and mildew growth inside your homes, but they will also drain our budget if they are left unattended. Unrepaired leaks grow, and larger damaged areas are more expensive to repair. So, the instant you notice a leak, have it checked and repaired immediately.
  • Vacuum and dust regularly. When dust and dirt build up, it can take a lot of time and effort to get rid of it.  But, dusting and vacuuming tiny portions of dust and dirt at a time only takes a few minutes and much less effort.
  • Bring in plants. Not only do plants add beauty to a room, but they also help filter bad or stale air inside your home.
  • Don’t bring the dirt in. Leave your shoes and outdoor clothes in the mudroom to minimize tracking dirt into the main parts of your house.  We pick up a lot of dirt and germs when we walk around all day, so keep them outside so they don’t contaminate the rest of your home.
  • Avoid using toxic and artificial cleaners. These agents contain harmful materials that can spread into the air and contaminate your body. Instead, use safe, natural solutions.
  • Make it a habit to dispose of garbage regularly and properly. Do not leave your garbage hanging around somewhere inside the house. Bacteria can easily spread to the areas around it. Make it a habit to take your garbage outside as soon as possible and use a covered garbage can to seal the dirt inside.
  • Avoid smoking indoors. Smoking is obviously bad for your health, and even if your kids and other family members don’t smoke, if they are exposed to even the scent of cigarette smoke, they are experiencing secondhand smoke, which has equal if not worse health effects.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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