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How to Lighten Your Laundry Load

July 31, 2012

Having a huge load of laundry to do each week takes up a lot of your time at home.  Even though you would prefer to relax after work and spend time with your family, you end up spending that time folding and putting away laundry.  So, what you need is to do is lighten the load so you can get everything done, but still have time to rest, watch movies, play with the kids, and enjoy your down time.

Here are some useful tips to help you lighten your laundry load:

  • Learn how to separate your laundry. Washing everything at once will only mix things up and double your time redoing it.  Separating your clothes will enable you to work faster because you will only need to give extra care to delicate clothes, for example, versus giving it to all of them because they are mixed together.  Colored clothes are easier to clean than white clothes, so you put them into separate loads, so your colors are done quicker and you won’t have to worry about dyes staining your white clothes.
  • Ask for help. Any kind of work is better when two or more people work together.    Have your spouse or kids help you sort and fold laundry.  The work will get done quicker, and in the meantime, you have time to bond.
  • Assign a small hamper to each room. Giving each of your family members their own hamper will help you know which clothes belong to whom. In addition, you can schedule your laundry time each week so, for example, Mondays and Thursdays are for the kids’ laundry, and Tuesdays and Fridays are for you and your spouse.
  • Set laundry rules. Whatever is in the hamper will be cleaned.  If it’s not in the hamper, it won’t be cleaned.  This will help you teach your kids to not throw their clothes all over the floor.
  • Assess your clothing. Just because you’ve worn something doesn’t mean it’s dirty. For instance, as long as you didn’t sweat or get dirty in them, your sleep clothes can be worn again.  Same for a nice shirt that you maybe only wore for a few hours to dinner.
  • Take good care of your clothes. The fewer stains and dirt you get on your clothes, the less often you will have to do laundry.


Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor




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