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How to Manage Your Waste Responsibly

October 16, 2012

Producing waste on a daily basis is an inevitable part of our lives. Our waste ranges from used papers to milk cartons to food waste to yard brush. The main issue is how you manage this waste when it comes to disposal.

Most people dispose of all their waste in their garbage can.  The problem is that the waste is then deposited in landfills, which have only a limited capacity. As more waste is generated and thrown into landfills, they eventually clog and overflow, which produces a negative effect on the environment.  Not only does it make it difficult for waste to decompose, but it then also requires the creation of additional landfills.

So, how can we take part in reducing waste disposal in landfills and help the environment?

The first way is by recycling biodegradable items such as paper products and items like cans and bottles that can be repurposed. You can either turn certain items into craft projects and creative decor for your home and garden or you can dispose of them through your city’s recycling program.

Used paper need not be thrown away or shredded into pieces. You can still use these papers for paper mache crafts such as costumes, masks or decorative items. You can use paper for gift wrappings if it has beautiful designs and colors.  Or, you can reuse the backs for note taking and writing your grocery lists.

Food waste can also be recycled. Instead of throwing it in your trash, turn them into compost. This is especially beneficial if you have a garden because composted soil serves as a nutritious fertilizer for your plants.

Old clothes can be converted into cleaning rags. Rather than buying new rags to clean your windows or bathroom, use old soft t-shirts. This will also help you save some money. If you have a lot of old clothes, you can give them away to charity to help people in need.

As for old tires, motor oil, and other chemical waste, inquire at the stores where you buy them or a governmental office that oversees waste management as to how you can dispose of them properly. These items usually need to be disposed of in a special way due to their varying levels of toxicity.

Simple ways of altering how you dispose of your waste can go a long way. If you dispose of your waste more responsibly, you will help protect the environment that we all live in.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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