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MAPS 3 Sidewalk Plans Move Forward

October 31, 2012

City Council today approved a sidewalk master plan report report that prioritizes where MAPS 3 sidewalks should be located based on criteria set by the project’s citizen subcommittee.

The report examines sidewalk locations for more than 215 miles and identifies where new sidewalks should be constructed. Budget constraints are forcing the reduction of the number of sidewalk-miles planned from 70 to approximately 25 to 36 miles. Estimates are conservative and are based on a range of recent bids.

The project’s $9.1 million budget includes site prep, architectural and engineering fees and a contingency.

“Our original cost estimates used assumptions that didn’t take into consideration the specific sidewalk locations since they were not determined at the time the estimates were made,” MAPS 3 program manager David Todd said. “The cost of utility conflicts, significant grade changes, ADA requirements and the number of commercial and residential driveways to be replaced are also factors that could not be specifically quantified.”

The estimate was also based on sidewalks that are four feet wide rather than the required five or in some areas, six-foot-wide sidewalks.

The criteria for sidewalk locations was set by the MAPS 3 Trails and Sidewalks Subcommittee, City Council and City staff to identify locations with the greatest need for sidewalks. They include proximity to schools, bus routes, parks, libraries, hospitals, population and employment density, pedestrian-involved accidents and desire paths. Desire paths are well tread trails along the side of the street created by pedestrian or bicycle use.

“Staying within our budget is critical as we move forward,” Todd added. “We will build as many miles of sidewalk as we can, while staying within our budget.”

The first phase of construction on the sidewalks is expected to begin in spring 2013.

The presentation that David Todd made to City Council today can be watched here and the PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here.

The top ranked locations are below:
1 Western Avenue from Hefner Road to Britton Road
2 MacArthur Blvd from Wilshire Blvd to Britton Road
3 Western Avenue from SW 104th to SW 98th
4 May Avenue from SW 59th & SW 61st to SW 80th & SW 89th
5 May Avenue from NW 50th to NW 63rd
6 Penn Avenue from SW 96th to SW 104th
7 May Avenue from NW 36th to NW 50th
8 Penn Avenue from SW 59th to SW 74th
9 Penn Avenue from SW 77th to SW 84th
10 NW 63rd from Meridian Avenue to Ann Arbor Terrace
11 Classen from NW 34th to NW 35th to NW 38th to NW 49th
12 May Ave from Hefner Rd to Quail Creek Rd north of NW 122nd
13 May Avenue from SW 29th to SW 59th
14 SE 44th from Shields to Walker
15 May Avenue from NW 63rd to Wilshire Blvd
16 Penn Avenue from Memorial Road to N 122nd
17 Meridian Avenue from NW 63rd to NW 50th
18 Western Avenue from SW 74th to SW 80th
19 Western Avenue from South of SW 39th to SW 29th
20 NW 122nd from May Avenue to Penn Avenue
21 SW 44th from Blackwelder to Penn Avenue
22 Meridian Avenue from NW 36th to NW 23rd
23 NE 63rd from East Broadway to Martin Luther King
24 NW 50th from MacArthur Blvd to Meridian Avenue
25 Western Avenue from SW 59th to SW 44th
26 SW 44th from Penn Avenue to May Avenue
27 Martin Luther King from NE 23rd to NE 32nd
28 Penn Avenue from NW 122nd to Hefner Road
29 SW 89th from Western Avenue to Santa Fe Avenue
30 May Avenue from NW 10th to NW 19th

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