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Tips and Tricks for Storing Food in Your Pantry

January 24, 2013

Tips and Tricks for Storing Food in Your Pantry

Having food stocked in your pantry is great for a variety of reasons. If you are hungry, you automatically have something you can cook, and you can also experiment with new recipes when you have all the ingredients you need already on hand. All it takes is a good amount of space to store the foods and the right kind of storage options to maintain freshness.

Food storage offers several options. There are boxes and baskets for cans and bottles, and paper and plastics can also be in wicker baskets. Cereals, flour, nuts, and pasta can be stored in air-tight containers, while your sugar and coffee can be placed in ceramic or glass jars.

If you buy food ingredients in bulk in order to save time and money, the important thing is to make sure that these extra ingredients can last for a long time in your pantry without spoiling. The trick is to use proper storage, use the ingredients before they expire, and use old ingredients before restocking with new ones.

Here are a few tricks:

  • Never mix new items with old ones. Instead of adding newly bought sugar over your old stock inside the jar, finish up all the ingredients inside the jar first.  It will help you avoid wasting food and contaminating your new food with that which is expired.
  • Take note of the “best before” date when transferring ingredients to another container. You may clip and paste the date on your container to help you remember.
  • Maintain proper moisture inside your pantry so all your ingredients remain fresh even after several days. In addition, maintain a room temperature in your pantry as well.
  • Avoid stacking your food containers more than two high. You want it to be convenient to access food, and you also don’t want to create a situation where containers are perilously piled and at risk to fall.
  • Do not leave opened liquid containers inside your pantry. They will contribute to mold growth, which affects other food ingredients. As much as possible, use liquids immediately to ensure the freshness and safety of your other food.

So, what are the different options for storing food inside your pantry?

  • Glass jars – These are commonly used because of their aesthetic appeal. They also allow you to see what’s inside the container without opening it, and you can reuse a jar for other things later.
  • Ceramic pots – This is another excellent option if you want something aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic pots in come in different sizes and are effective at making sure that no light can enter the container and affect your food ingredients.
  • Plastic – Many households use plastic containers simply because they are more affordable and can be stacked to save space. In addition, many plastic containers are air-tight, so they are best used for ingredients like pasta, bread crumbs, and cereal.
  • Cans – These are also good at preventing light from entering the container. Tin cans are dark and dry, which is ideal for ingredients like rice, sugar, and noodles

Chris George
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