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How to Effectively Add Tech Devices to Your Deck

February 12, 2013

How to Effectively Add Tech Devices to Your Deck

Sometimes it’s nice to stay outside for a while, enjoy the fresh air, and relax. A deck provides the perfect place to do that while staying within the realm of your own property. Adding tech devices to your deck will make any time out there more convenient and fun. If you want to stay on your deck until dark, you can always do so with enhanced lighting to light the path for you. Sounds from your home theater can also reach outside and give you a more pleasant ambiance for relaxation. And, why not surf the Internet or chat with friends online if you have an ongoing battery for your laptop?

Installing proper lighting, sound features, and electrical plugs on your deck will help you achieve a more enjoyable experience.  So, here are a few tips on how you can make it happen:

  • Use wireless devices as much as possible. If you can use wireless sound systems, that’s preferable, so you can avoid having too many electrical cords on your deck.
  • Buy electrical devices that are meant for outside use. It means that you need to purchase devices that are meant to endure extreme weather and use. Plus, these devices are incorporated with proper casings and features that can protect them from easy damage.
  • Install a more durable, weather-proof sound system. If you want sounds from your home theater to reach your deck, you need to install a sound system that can withstand the exterior atmosphere. Make sure that your sound system will not get easily damaged from heavy rains, too much sun, or snow.
  • Add proper casings on your lighting. It is always best to put glass cases on your lighting so as to add proper protection when heavy rain comes. Anything that uses electricity needs to have a case to prevent electrical damage and short circuits.
  • Provide proper access to your electrical cords. Do not let them run in different areas throughout your deck. Provide a permanent path where your cords will run if they are used. Make sure not to let them go near wet or flammable areas.
  • Use outlet covers. Install covers all your electrical outlets to prevent them from coming into direct contact with anything wet. This will add safety protection when there are kids around.
  • Use solar lighting. The idea of solar lighting is to reduce the use of electrical energy. If you have solar lighting, you can still have enough light when the dark comes by using stored light from the sun. Plus, it will save you money on your energy bill.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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