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Safety Plans to Make Oklahoma Public Schools Safer

March 7, 2013

Safety Plans to Make Oklahoma Public Schools Safer

Safety among students and their teachers has become a top priority in the shadow of several school tragedies that have recently occurred.  It is important to make sure that students, as well as school administrators and personnel, remain safe during and after school hours. More rigid school polices can help prevent misfortunes from entering school premises.

To address the issue of school safety within the state, the Oklahoma School Safety Commission has presented 39 proposals on how to implement proper safety measures within public schools.  Twenty-two members of the commission planned and proposed these recommendations in their meeting this week. The members, including school personnel, mental health professionals, and state law enforcement, have been meeting for six weeks to discuss how to maintain safety within schools.  So far, five recommendations have been released to the public, and they will be written into four Senate Bills. Officials are hoping that these bills will be passed in the next sessions.

Proposals for the public school safety plan include the formation of the Oklahoma School Security Institute. This organization would serve as the primary source of school security across the state, and procedures would be standardized by the institute.

In addition to the Mental Health Program, the establishment of a School Security Tip line is also being required. Other recommendations include mandatory emergency drills in schools and the need for school administrators to immediately report to law enforcers anyone with a firearm.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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