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Edmond to Enhance Recycling Program

March 14, 2013

Edmond to Enhance Recycling Program

A lot of people want to recycle their trash in order to help reduce the waste thrown in landfills. Through recycling, people can find other uses for second-hand things like cardboard and plastics and instead add them to the overall waste of the city.

To enhance the current recycling program, the City of Edmond will be adding bigger recycling carts for residents to use. City council members have already approved the new curbside recycling program with Republic Servicing that will cost $870,000. Though it will cost about $150,000 more than the existing contract with Waste Management, the new contract will offer bigger bins to use, as well as additional services.

Based on the new recycling program, residents will be receiving 95-gallon, rolling recycle carts with lids. The receptacles are bigger than the current 18-gallon bins currently used by residents, and residents will be charged $2.80 per month, a 48-cent increase from the current rate of $2.32 per month.

City council members noted that, despite the fact that the new program and bin are slightly more expensive, it will be a beneficial change because more recyclable items can now be picked up each week.  The current recycling contract will end on June 20, and residents will start receiving their new bins on July 1.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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