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How to Properly Hang Pictures on Your Wall

March 26, 2013

How to Properly Hang Pictures on Your Wall

If you want to spice up your bland walls at home, hanging a beautiful picture or piece of art could be the perfect way to bring it to life.  Whether you hang an original painting, a print of a famous piece of artwork, or a photo of nature or your city, you will immediately add dimension to your room.  In fact, pictures on the wall can sometimes make or break the overall look of your interior. This is especially true if you do not know how to properly hang things on your wall and they end up being crooked.

Hanging a picture or piece of art on your wall may seem to be an easy task: all you have to do is simply hammer a nail into your wall where you want to hang it, right? But, if you do not pay close attention to detail and precision, you could wind up with something that doesn’t look right.

That said, here are some tricks for how to properly hang a picture or piece of artwork on your wall:

  • Consider the size of your wall when choosing the size of your artwork. Can a small framed picture fit a very large wall? Can a large piece of artwork fit a skimpy wall?  Of course not! When you choose the size of your framed picture, make sure that it complements the size of your wall and looks appropriate.
  • Choose the proper hook for your frames. There are frames that are heavy and some that are lighter.  If, by chance, your picture is heavy, always look for a more durable hook. You don’t want your picture to fall down and crash into pieces after only a few hours of hanging.
  • Measure. Have a measuring tape and a pencil to prepare the spot before hanging your picture is very helpful.  Measure the size of the wall to help you identify the perfect spot for your picture and be wise about where you choose to position it because you will need to make a hole in your wall, so you want it to be in the right place the first time.
  • If you plan to hang groups of picture, create the layout before diving into the task. You may want to group four small frames to create a collage on your wall, but in order to do it more effectively, you need to layout your plan first and try to see it coming into reality on your wall.
  • Hang your picture at eye-level. You wouldn’t want to strain your neck by looking up at your picture, so hang it at eye-level, so you can appreciate it from a more comfortable angle.
  • Avoid placing art in direct sunlight. This will keep your picture from fading easily. Choose a cooler spot inside the house or just anywhere where the sun rays do not directly hit the wall.
  • Give space allowances on all sides. Your artwork needs a good space to breathe as well. Do not place framed artwork anywhere where it will cover an entire wall. Instead, add space allowance on all sides of your picture.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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