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New House Bill Proposal for School Nurses to Give Allergy Shots

March 28, 2013

New House Bill Proposal for School Nurses to Give Allergy Shots

State representative Will Fourkiller recently proposed a house bill concerning the ability of school nurses to administer medication for allergic reactions. House Bill 2101 suggests that school nurses should be allowed to use epinephrine auto-injections, or EpiPens, in situations where students require immediate medical attention due to an allergic reaction.

Having a serious allergic reaction can be life-threatening because it causes the throat to swell and reduces your body’s ability to breathe. Immediately treating a child with severe symptoms such as these can help alleviate the reaction while they are waiting to go to the hospital.

Rep. Fourkiller pointed out that this type of law has passed in other states, and it is time for Oklahoma to implement these safety measures in schools as well. Currently, students are only allowed to have anaphylaxis medicine and asthma inhalers at school, and their parents and doctors must provide a written letter detailing the specific medications the child will need before they can bring them to school.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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