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Organizing Your Medicine Cabinets

May 7, 2013

Organizing Your Medicine Cabinets

One of the worst things that can happen at home is for your kids to find medicine and begin playing with it.  The risk of choking or overdose becomes a possibility if your kids are able to reach the medicine in the medicine cabinet.  And, if the area is disorganized, it can be even worse because they may grab something particularly dangerous when they are simply looking for something to relieve a headache.

It’s important to have an organized and secure medicine cabinet that will prevent kids from meddling with these things or at least reduce the risk of them choosing the wrong bottle.  There are a few tips for properly organizing your medicine cabinet:

  • Throw away medicine that is expired or nearly expired. Take the time to sort what is inside you medicine cabinet. You may want to do this once a month. Check each bottle and throw out those that are only a few days away from expiring or those that have already expired. It can easily clear up the space in your cabinet.
  • Divide the area into different compartments. A bigger medicine cabinet can benefit from mini-compartments to help maximize the space while keeping things organized. You can create a section for each person, so you can avoid misplacing your items or accidentally taking the wrong thing.  It also prevents bottles from falling down and becoming jumbled.
  • Use small bowls, jars, or glass storage containers to store small items like cotton balls and other bathroom essentials. This way, the smaller items won’t be concealed by larger bottles and they will remain more organized.
  • Keep all your medicine inside your medicine cabinet. You don’t want to add to the risk of seeing medicine in the hands of your little ones, so make it a habit to always store medicine in your medicine cabinet and not around your home on a coffee table or counter.
  • Create tight and secure hooks or holders for sharp items like scissors or tweezers. Avoid possible risks making them something that only you can see and easily remove.
  • Separate non-medical items from medicine and medical-related necessities. Keep soaps and shampoos in other storage areas and not inside your medicine cabinet.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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