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Oklahoma City Crews Plan Cleanup for Tornado Damage

May 23, 2013

Oklahoma City Crews Plan Cleanup for Tornado Damage

The devastation of Monday’s tornado has been extensive, leaving many homes and properties completely destroyed by the storm. Some homes may appear to have acquired only minimal damage, but they may still prone to hidden hazards. While most residents want to resume their lives and begin rebuilding, Oklahoma City Crews are giving caution about returning home.

Part of bringing their lives back to order is disposing of damaged property, such as kitchen appliances, computers, furniture, and hazardous chemicals like fertilizers and paints. City Crews are planning to help with the removal of such waste as soon as possible.

A special collection is being planned by the City Crews that will allow residents to have their damaged property collected and properly disposed. There are no definite dates yet as to when these collections will start because City Crews are still evaluating the initial damage.  But, in the meantime, they are advising residents to be cautious when returning home and tackling the damage themselves. There are hidden dangers that may cause injury, so it is advisable to wear protective gear if possible and to be careful when entering and exiting the house.

There are also rescue squads, relief organizations, and other support networks that are available for residents who need help. Those who want to donate or offer their support to victims of the tornado can drop off donated goods or cash at select organizations and collection locations.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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