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Help with Friday Night Storm Damage

June 6, 2013

Help with Friday Night Storm Damage
Contact:  Kristy Yager, City of Oklahoma City,

Oklahoma City residents who have property damage as a result of tornadoes and flooding that swept through Oklahoma City on Friday, May 31 are asked to separate their debris and move it to the curb.

Debris should be separated into three piles:

1. Tree limbs, construction material and destroyed personal property such carpet, drapes, furniture, clothing, TVs and computers.

2. Refrigerators and other items containing Freon will be collected on a separate pass.  By law, the refrigerator or freezer door must be removed before setting it out. Food should be removed as well.

3. Household hazardous waste such as propane tanks, batteries, fertilizer, pesticides, pool chemicals, motor oil and gasoline should be in a third pile. This will be collected on a separate pass.

Three different crews will be in neighborhoods picking up the piles.  Crews will concentrate their efforts from

  • NW 36 St to SW 104 St and from Mustang Rd to Santa Fe Ave
  • Eastern to Anderson Road and from SW 44 St to SW 89 St

Crews will begin clean up as soon as possible. Residents can help crews by not parking along the street since it could hinder access to debris.

Residents are asked to be patient considering the extent of clean up required from the May 20 and May 31 storms.

These instructions are different from those affected by the May 20 tornado in south Oklahoma City.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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