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Planning an Extension to Your Small Kitchen

June 25, 2013

Planning an Extension to Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen extensions offer extra value to your home and space to your small kitchen. Working in a smaller kitchen may not always be convenient, especially if you have big dinner parties to prepare. What you need is more space to work in, extra storage areas for all your kitchen needs, and a wider space for added ventilation.  That is why many home owners decide to build kitchen extensions in order to add more working space and create a wider feeling in the room.

When you plan a kitchen extension, the first things to consider are the reasons why you’re doing it.  Is the space too small to walk around the kitchen? Do you need more storage space for kitchen essentials and food?  Do you want to add a kitchen island?  Are you planning to add a dining area to your kitchen?

Once you identify the specific reasons why you want to extend, you can plan everything better.  There are many designs when it comes to kitchen extensions. Some extend pantries and storage while others simply open up the space and even create access to your backyard.  If you know what you need, you can plan effectively.

Next, you need to identify the space in your house or yard where you can create your extension. Not all homes have a wide lot. Some may already have their exterior walls very close to their fences. If you plan a kitchen extension, make sure that you have enough space within your property to accommodate the added space and still be able to maneuver around the perimeter of your home.

Once you know the location of your kitchen extension and what you need to incorporate into the plan, the next thing to consider is the design of your extra space. Ideally, a kitchen extension will provide extra space in your kitchen and blend in well with your existing architecture and design.  Your extension must incorporate the same elements as the rest of your kitchen, so it blends in well and doesn’t look like you just attached a separate structure to the end of the room.

Also make sure that your extension creates an ergonomic flow within your main kitchen, so it maximizes its benefits. You will probably want to plan a layout where your main kitchen activities flow well and the “work triangle” within which you cook is functional and easy to maneuver.

Kitchen extensions are valuable additions to any home and can add more functionality and beauty to your room. Planning your extension properly in advance will help you maximize its benefits and give you your money’s worth.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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