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Computer Literacy Classes Offered in Oklahoma City

July 18, 2013

Computer Literacy Classes Offered in Oklahoma City

In this digital age, knowing the basics of using a computer is imperative when it comes to education and work. Business procedures require computer literacy, and employers seek applicants that know how to use them. In schools, teachers require assignments that must be typed or done online.

If children are not able to equip themselves with the proper knowledge of how to use a computer, they will be left behind. So, it is very important for students these days to at least learn the basics of computers during their elementary years.

That is one reason why Oklahoma City University has set up its own Intergenerational Computer Center. The program aims to provide classes to the community that cover basic computer use, video editing, and other digital skills.

After its pilot phase in Fall 2011, OCU center officially opened its doors in January of 2012 to accommodate more students and different classes.  The center is located on the north side of OCU’s campus, and it holds classes for both students and adults.

As of now, the center is funded by a three-year federal fund. A $1.4 million stimulus grant was provided through the federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program with supporting funds from OCU. The fund is expected to run out by September of this year. OCU will then find other source of funds to sustain the program and continue to offer digital literacy classes for Oklahomans.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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