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Designing Your Own Treehouse

July 30, 2013

Designing Your Own Treehouse

Kids love to play outside during the summer months.  The warm weather always gives them a good excuse to play in the backyard or outside with their friends, and that gives them the chance to let their imaginations run wild.

Help make your child’s outdoor memories even more exciting by giving them a treehouse to call their own. Building one in your backyard will give them a special place to call their own, where they can play with their friends, store their toys, and play make believe.

Here are a few tips for building a treehouse:

  • Build your treehouse on a strong and stable tree. This will ensure your kids’ safety while they are inside. Find a sturdy, big tree in your backyard and make sure that the tree can withstand heavy winds and is strong enough to support the treehouse.
  • Create easy access. Make it easier for your kids to climb up and down the treehouse. You can add a wooden ladder with railing for added support. You can make the treehouse extra fun by adding a slide exit on one side.
  • Talk with your neighbors about your treehouse plan. Consider your surroundings and determine if your project will create a disturbance to others around you. Talk to your neighbors about building a treehouse near their home before you get started.  This will address any concerns, such as privacy, blocking the breeze to their house, etc.
  • Use proper support. It is always advisable to add proper support to your treehouse in addition to what the tree provides. You can add a support post underneath the treehouse or install ropes or chains above it that attach to the tree.
  • Build at the right height. Keep in mind that there are kids who are afraid of heights, so a higher treehouse isn’t always inviting. Do not build your treehouse higher than seven feet.
  • Spread out the weight of your treehouse. Balancing the weight will make it more secure.   Also be sure you level the floors.
  • Add windows and doors. Create proper ventilation in your treehouse, so your kids will always enjoy playing in it, even with summer is at its peak.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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