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Summer Safety Kits Offered to Seniors in OKC

August 8, 2013

Summer Safety Kits Offered to Seniors in OKC

Summer heat is extremely dangerous especially when the temperatures become extreme. Too much fun in the sun can actually cause heat stroke, especially to vulnerable individuals such as children and the elderly. Heat stroke is tricky though because it occurs when you least expect it because you felt like you were only having fun and enjoying the weather.

Among the people that are more prone to heat-related issues are senior citizens. The reason for this is that they typically have weaker immune systems and resistances than younger adults. Seniors are likely to suffer any illnesses brought by the heat if they do not prepare themselves.

One way to help seniors avoid the tendencies of heat stroke and other heat-related issues is to give them the tools they need to cool off and regulate their body temperate. Visiting Angels are offering summer safety kits to senior citizens in Oklahoma, so that they will always have something to use should the heat become unbearable.

The summer safety kits for seniors include cooling tools and other important things for their health. These kits have; sunscreen with SPF 30, a special cooling towel, reusable water bottle and a misting water bottle. There is also an ID bracket and information about their medications and doctors so someone helping them will have an idea what to do to assist and who to contact.

The summer safety kit is a valuable way for seniors to cool off and be safe this summer! Seniors are advised to have their kits with them at all times – especially when they are outside – or keep the bag in their car.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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