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Home Renovation Tips to Improve Your Selling Price

September 24, 2013

Home Renovation Tips to Improve Your Selling Price

A lot of property owners are hesitant to spend more money on their homes once they have made up their minds to sell the property, believing that it will not pay off.  However, real estate professionals know that something like a nice coat of paint will help freshen the property and increase the chance of getting a better price for it. A homeowner’s decision to renovate certain things can add value to their home and give a better first impression to potential buyers.

Below are some things to consider when you deal with property restorations before selling:

  1. Elaborate plan of action.  Figure out what kind of renovations are necessary for your home, so you can create a financial plan. Consider your savings and assets, household income, and other liabilities, so you won’t overextend yourself on bigger projects.
  2. Stick to the budget. Create a budget after you have finished your renovation plan and prioritize the renovations accordingly. If your budget won’t allow you to renovate everything all at once, then focus on the projects that will have the greatest positive effect on the property’s value.
  3. Remove the clutter. This will make the space look larger. It’s also a good idea to store away extremely personal details and photographs. You want the buyer to imagine the spaces as their own, not feel like they are visiting your home.
  4. Focus on kitchens and bathrooms. These two are the most essential features of a real estate and will give you the biggest return on your investment. The kitchen holds the most value in your house and is certainly the first to attract potential buyers. Focus on the most damaged our outdated areas, such as countertops, cabinets, or floors, and polish any concrete areas, so they will have smoother, shinier texture. Re-glaze your bath tubs or showers to make them look brand new.
  5. Wash and repaint walls. Clean the interiors before painting them to get rid of any lingering unpleasant smells.  Stick to neutral shades such as white, off-white, beige, and coffee colors.  This will allow potential buyers to visualize their own color theme and furnishings in the space.

There are certain home improvements that are proven to help almost everyone who wants to add value and speed up the sale of their home.  Make a small investment in your property now, so you can reap bigger rewards at the closing table.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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