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Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean and Organized

October 22, 2013

Keeping Your Refrigerator Clean and Organized

Has there ever been a time when you opened your fridge and discovered leftovers from a week ago?  If so, there are probably other expired items in their as well that take up space and make your refrigerator messy.

A messy refrigerator is a pretty common problem because we tend to not take stock of what we have, buy more, and try to cram it inside without cleaning it out.  In reality, what we need to do is create a good organizational system that enables us to easily identify what we do and do not have and keep the things we do have organized.

Below are some helpful tips that can help you organize your refrigerator properly:

  • Group like items. Your refrigerator contains several drawers, which are designed to help you easily group your food items. For instance, you can group all your veggies in one drawer and all of your fruits in another. You can also group all spreads and condiments together. Then, you have room to stack containers of leftovers. By doing this, you will know where to place your food items and also know where to find them.
  • Do not overstore your leftovers. Leftovers are good only for a few days and needs to be consumed prior to their expiration dates. To help you know which leftovers are in your fridge, place them in clear containers and label them with the date they were stored, so you will know when it’s time to throw them away.
  • Practice first in, first out. There are times when we buy more food ingredients even when we don’t need them. When you don’t practice a “FIFO” routine, you end up with a lot of spoiled food in your fridge. Put all your old items in front so you will know that they are the ones you need to consume first.
  • Keep items that do not require refrigeration in the pantry. Fortunately, not all food items need to be stored in the fridge. So, utilize your pantry for these things, so you can free up precious space in your refrigerator. Take your ketchup, vinegar, honey, and spices out.
  • Pay attention to how you can use the fridge easier and faster. There are routines that can help you work faster and more efficiently.  If you think it would be easier to access milk from the side, then put it on the side.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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