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Tips for Kitchen Organization

November 26, 2013

Tips for Kitchen Organization

Your kitchen contains a wide variety of things, ranging from cooking utensils to food and grocery items. That is why keeping your kitchen organized is important – you need to have an established method for storing and finding things. There are many organizing tools and equipment available out there, but some of them can become pricey. Fortunately, there is no need to worry because there are many organizing tricks that are easy and inexpensive.

Built-in pull-out shelves and compartments inside cabinets are very neat and convenient for kitchen use. You can create a less expensive version of pull-outs by placing plastic bins inside your cabinets and labelling them based on what they contain. Another organizing tip is using short tension rods to create dividers. This is great for storing trays and chopping boards because they become more accessible and stack better.

Keeping track of plastic lids for containers can be tricky. Sometimes it seems like they vanish into thin air when you need them most, making your containers immediately less useful. To solve this problem, you can create your own DIY Lid Storage Rack by attaching a basket to the bottom of a drying rack with fishing wire or twine and making a habit of putting all lids there.

Another fun and stylish organizing tool is a kitchen counter Lazy Susan. This rotating structure is great for keeping small items like salt and pepper shakers in place. If you have big storage cabinets in your kitchen, you can also put stacking shelves inside, so you can make use of the empty vertical space and make room for more stuff. Aside from stacking shelves, hanging shelf dividers are also useful, especially for smaller items. Pocket organizers are great for holding cleaning stuff like scrubs, brushes, cleaning solutions, and rubber gloves.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor


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