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New Law Requires Fingerprint Records for Day Care Workers

December 5, 2013

New Law Requires Fingerprint Records for Day Care Workers

Above all, the welfare of our children is among our top priorities. We have a justified, burning desire to make sure that wherever they are, safety is always a primary concern. The standard does not change when we leave them in daycare. We want them to be in good hands, always.

To ensure the safety of children in child care, a new state law in Oklahoma will be requiring day care workers to undergo a national criminal background check along with the state check they are previously required. Each worker will need to be fingerprinted prior to their employment in any day care facility.

Typically, workers will have to pass a state check conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations. By 2015, the Department of Human Services will make sure that every day care worker will have been digitally fingerprinted.

The national background check will cost $53. This will enable any criminal history of the applicant to be fully revealed, even for offenses committed and recorded in other states.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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