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Creating a Beautiful Deck for Your Outdoor Area

January 28, 2014

Creating a Beautiful Deck for Your Outdoor Area

Many homes have outdoor decks, and this wonderful feature serves several purposes. It can be used as an open air extension to your living room, where you can place outdoor couches, chairs, dining tables, televisions, and stereos. If you ‘re going to use it in this manner, just be sure that at least a portion of the area is covered by some sort of roofing to protect your items against the weather.  The area below the deck can be utilized as a storage area, which can be valuable for storing seasonal decor and furniture.  In addition, decks can also be used as the perfect place to host parties during the warm months, so people can enjoy the fresh air and not congest the inside of your home.

Before creating your own deck, you should consider various factors. When you are planning where to construct your deck, think about its proximity to food and beverage areas. You want the area to be conveniently located, especially for cookouts and parties. Also consider how the sun will affect the area. Put up screens or tinted plexiglass that will block the sun from certain portions of the deck. The area should also be safe for kids because children love to play and make artwork outside. Always make sure that that the deck is free from any hazards that could cause accidents.

Another main factor to consider is the size of your deck. Make the deck proportion to the size of your house..if you have a small house and yard, for example, do not create a massive porch that will overtake the area. It will only make your house look smaller and things will be cramped. Dividing the deck into functional areas can make the most of the area. One part of the deck should be used for sunning and relaxing, while the other part can be used for cooking and dining. The most common material for decking is wood, and there are many options available in terms of color, species, grain, and treated or non-treated wood.

Chris George
Oklahoma City Realtor

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