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Oklahoma City residents encouraged to register their storm shelter online

March 27, 2014

Oklahoma City residents encouraged to register their storm shelter online

Oklahoma City residents who have not registered their storm shelter with the City’s Action Center can now do so by logging on to and clicking on the “register your storm shelter” link under the Action Center icon.

The Storm Shelter Registry is a free, voluntary service that allows residents to provide information about their storm shelter so emergency responders can find them if a storm damages their home.

“The number of storm shelter installations has skyrocketed in the past year, so we know there are thousands of new shelters that need to be registered,” Action Center manager Beth Crounse said.

If your storm shelter is located in the Oklahoma City limits and you are unable to add it to the registry, or if you need to update information about your registered storm shelter, contact the Action Center at 297-2535.

Once a shelter is registered, it does not need to be registered again. Shelter location information is confidential and will only be shared with emergency responders. More than 20,000 shelters are currently registered with the City.

Chris George

Oklahoma City Realtor


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