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New Public Artwork Dedicated in Edmond

April 10, 2014

New Public Artwork Dedicated in Edmond

Public art makes a community more attractive. Not only does it give tourists something to take photos with as a way to remember their travels to a city, but it also improves the day-to-day scenery for residents, who are able to enjoy looking at it as they pass by.

In Edmond, there are more than 150 pieces of public artwork placed throughout the city. The most recent addition to the collection is “Sitting With Knee Up” by Susan Stamm Evans. It is located at the office of Dr. Jayesh Panchal at 2505 Kelly Avenue.

“Sitting With Knee Up” is a human figure sculpture made of bronze powder coat material. It stands at approximately 24 inches high and sits on top of a pedestal. The sculpture is part of Evans’s Quietude Series, and the woman in the sculpture is sitting with her right knee up and left hand rested on her knee in a peaceful pose.

The sculpture was purchased by the Panchall Family in partnership with the Edmond Visual Arts Commission. The government program supports art beautification in the city by splitting the cost of the artwork with the owner and paying half.

Chris George

Oklahoma City Realtor


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