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How to Organize Your Home Office

June 3, 2014

How to Organize Your Home Office

Organizing your home office can be tiring because the accumulation of documents and supplies fluctuates every day. Nevertheless, having an organized home office feels good and helps you focus on your work. So, it is important to create the habit of cleaning and organizing your desk and filing cabinets before you stop working each day.

A lot of times we hear that, when it comes to organizing, you should start small and incrementally organize to a larger scale. But, why not try organizing from big to small for a change? First, take a look at your desk and figure out if it is big enough to accommodate all of your things. It is easier to clean your desk and scan for papers and other things that need to be thrown away. But, the problem with that is that you continue trying to work with a desk that may not be right for you and your daily activities. If you do not want to have a lot of clutter on your desk, it may be better to downside to a smaller one to limit the amount of clutter space available.

Another common piece of furniture that needs to be cleaned and organized regularly is your filing cabinet. Most cabinets are used to store important files and documents.  As time goes by, however, you start to realize that your cabinet is full of a lot of stored files that are no longer relevant or being used. Clean and organize your cabinet once a week or once a month, depending on your work flow, to minimize long-term clutter and create space for new important documents to be stored.

There are people who love to work in a messy and disorganized space, and there are other people who love to work in a very neat and organized space. Everyone has a different style based on their personality. Regardless of your style, however, it is important to at least do minimal organizing from time to time to ensure that you are remaining effective and efficient in your work.

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