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Life Size Game Day in Edmond

July 17, 2014

Life Size Game Day in Edmond

There’s something spectacular being planned in Edmond this month! The City’s Parks and Recreation Department will be launching a Life Size Game Day that will feature families playing board games – in life sizes!

Starting this week, the Life Size Game Days will be an event featuring literal life size board games where families will become game pieces to play the game. Board games will be painted on parks using sidewalk paints. The first board game to be painted is the Monopoly board, which the parks department officers have named Edmondopoly.

Edmondopoly is a free event held at Chitwood Park, one block east of Kelly Avenue between First and Main Streets, on Saturday at 5pm. Participants will be given play money use in the game.

During the game, there will be local business owners purchasing property spaces. Business owners will then have their own table in their space and talk to families landing on their property.

After the Edmondopoly, there are also plans to recreate other popular games.

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