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Different Types of Home Air Filters

August 26, 2014

Different Types of Home Air Filters

Everyone wants to have clean air in their home. Due to rising pollution levels, however, this requires utilizing air cleaners and air filters to purify the air that enters your home.  There are many different ways to clean the air in your home, but this article focuses on the most common and most effective method: filtration.

The filtration process works by cleaning the air through eradicating sub-micron particulate gases. It is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association as the ideal method for air cleaning, since it is particularly helpful to people suffering from asthma. Air filters come in different styles and can be installed as centralized, portable, or in-home units.

Here is a list of different types of air filters to help you choose the best one for your home:

  1. Gas Phase Air Filter – This type of air filter is efficient at removing strong odors, such as those from cooking, paint, perfume, and others. However, it is not effective at removing allergens.
  2. Mechanical Air Filter – Mechanical filters have a special screen that traps dust particulate, pollen, pet dander, and air irritants. You can even choose a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filer with this type of unit.
  3. Hybrid Air Filter – Hybrid filters function through the combination of mechanical and electrostatic filters, which make them highly effective at trapping allergens.
  4. Electronic Air Filter – In this type of filter, allergens are trapped in electrostatic precipitators that are powered by a fan. Electric charges pull in air and filter out contaminants.
  5. Ozone Air Filter – This type of filter is widely not recommended because even though it cleans the air, it is very bad for the environment.

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