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How to Stage Your Historic Home

September 25, 2014

How to Stage Your Historic Home

When you are selling your home, staging is an important part of the process. There are certain things to consider, one of them being the type of home you’re selling. If you’re selling a historic home, here are a few staging tips:

  1. Highlight the architectural beauty. The aesthetic value of the home should not be hidden. The architectural style of the home is one of the strongest, most defining qualities of a historical house. Highlighting these features will increase the interest of potential buyers. Stage with colors and decor that go well with the style of the house. The home’s architectural style usually speaks more to its history than the way you decorate it, so keep decor minimal, so you do not overshadow its architectural features.
  2. Clear clutter. Just because a house is historical house doesn’t mean it should be bursting at the seams with collections of historical items. Keep things simple, so people pay attention to the house and not stuff. Likewise, keep normal clutter and papers out of sight. You want people to envision themselves living there, and when they see someone else’s stuff strewn around, that makes it difficult to do.
  3. Make the kitchen interesting. The kitchen is one of the most examined areas by potential home buyers, so it is important to keep it historically functional. The preparation of food and drink should be convenient and easy for modern day needs, so updated appliances are better than keeping old, outdated appliances that do not function as well. When you add updated features, however, try to do so without sacrificing the older features of the kitchen. For example, it is better to have a free standing refrigerator that try to incorporate it as a built-in because you will destroy the structure of the original, historic cabinetry that so many people love.
  4. Don’t overdo renovations. Making functional updates to a house is a good idea, but do not make so many changes that it completely alters the look and feel of the historic nature of the home. The government actually offers information and guidelines on how to restore and renovate old homes, so that they maintain their historic significance.

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