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PAWSitive Steps 5K Offers Fundraising Program for Oklahoma Pets

October 2, 2014

PAWSitive Steps 5K Offers Fundraising Program for OklahomaPetsMany puppies and kittens end up on the sidewalk or road side simply because they are unwanted or their owners can no longer care for them. This is a common case for pets since they tend to continue giving birth in astonishing numbers for years. While this happens, pet owners may find themselves without the funds to support the additional offspring.

Veterinarian Fawn Reely has realized such situation are occurring and is actively creating a program that will help pets as well as pet owners. The PAWSitive Steps 5K is a fundraising event that will gather enough money to support spaying or neutering of pets for low-income individuals. Funds gathered from the event will be used to support the procedures while qualified pet owners will only have to pay a minimal fee.

Basically, such procedures cost $150 or more. However, with the new program, pet owners will only have to pay $10 for each procedure. This will eventually offer a significant impact to pet owners, since these steps will inhibit the animals from breeding.

Pet owners who wish to avail themselves of these services will simply have to complete a short application and include their proof of income status as well as their Medicaid card, EBT card or letter from state agency that validates their income status. Once qualified, they can set up an appointment to any participating veterinarian.

The PAWSitive Steps 5K will help in raise more funds to support this cause. Those who wish to join the event can come at the Wiley Post Park, 2012 S Robinson, on October 11th at 9am. Registration is $35. The 5K event also features a dog walk and costume contest sponsored by the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association.

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