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Pedestrian-Friendly Gateway Proposed by Oklahoma Transportation Department

October 30, 2014

Pedestrian-Friendly Gateway Proposed by Oklahoma Transportation Department

The Oklahoma City MAPS 3 projects aim to provide better lifestyle and development to the entire community. Two of the much-awaited projects are the new downtown park and the new convention center.

With the busy construction set for the two projects in the downtown area, there will be a significant disruption in the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Hence, the Oklahoma Transportation Department has proposed a friendlier design that will keep everyone moving despite the construction. According to the Transportation Department, the design will create an easier access to the park while meeting most of the goals set by the city council.

The Transportation Department indicates that the new design will reconnect the downtown area to the interstate, which will allow access from East and West. There is also a crossover at Western Avenue and Classen Boulevard prior to descending to Reno.

Wide trails are also set on both roadsides from Western Avenue to the Bricktown Canal. A tunnel under the elevated Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks will connect downtown to Bricktown. The new design also includes an open-air cafe,additional benches and new sculptures.

The Transportation Department will be presenting their designs during a public hearing and open house on November 13th at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center.

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