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Why Red Cedar Is the Best Siding Material

December 9, 2014

Why Red Cedar Is the Best Siding Material

If you want the perfect combination of beauty and durability for your home siding, Red Cedar is an ideal material.  The unique properties of this particular kind of lumber make is useful for both commercial and residential buildings. The aesthetic options include varying shades of color, as well as knotted or un knotted options, both of which have the same unchangeable durability.

Red Cedar can be installed in a variety of ways. One way is board and batten, where the siding is positioned in rows either vertically or horizontally. It is best to use knot-free, narrower boards, which are joined in such a way that it almost creates a 3-dimensional visual effect.

Another installation technique is tongue and groove, which utilizes V-shaped grooves and longitudinal red cedar boards that fit together perfectly. The result is siding that is even and flat, but that can have a one-of-a-kind result by using boards of varying colors and grain patterns. This option can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

Channel siding is another technique used for homes with the rustic style. Each board is installed partially in a way that creates a look of overlapping boards. The boards can be installed either vertically or horizontally to create the impression of a visible shadow line effect that is quite beautiful. It is also a very practical technique, as it does a good job of protecting the building from weather conditions.

Beveled siding is another popular choice. With this technique, red cedar lumber is re-sawed at an angle, so the piece is thicker on one side than the other. This method is best installed horizontally.

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