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Transform Your Outdoor Living Area with a Natural Stone Patio

December 16, 2014

Transform Your Outdoor Living Area with a Natural Stone Patio

Natural stone is the most abundant product of nature, which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular building material. Its easy accessibility makes stone affordable, and it also produces cost savings over time due to its durability and low maintenance. In addition, natural stone is very aesthetically appealing, and it comes in many different textures, colors, and grains, making it perfect for any design style.

Natural stone is a fantastic material for outdoor patios because it is very weather resistant and also blends nicely with the other natural elements in your yard. The construction of a natural stone patio requires a fair amount of planning in the beginning because you want to be sure that you are using stone options that are both functional and aesthetically appealing in your particular environment, as well as building on a structurally sound area. Popular outdoor patio stones include flagstone, limestone, and slate.

Flagstones are flat by nature and do not have many jagged lines or curves, which makes them well-suited for outdoor patio construction. Flagstone is usually purchased in larger pieces from quarries or already broken down into multiple sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Flagstone pieces vary in size, ranging from six inches to a couple of feet wide, with thickness ranging from one half to two inches. It also comes in several different color hues.

Limestone is also readily available in uniform dimension and thicknesses, but it tends to be a more expensive option because it requires more labor to break the stone down into pieces. Slate is a nice in-between option from a cost perspective and also comes in many colors to match any design.

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