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The Types of Concrete Used for Pool Construction

December 23, 2014

The Types of Concrete Used for Pool Construction

Swimming pools are a fun addition to any home and provide many hours of entertainment with families and friends. Pools are also a lot of maintenance, however, and in order to minimize that, it is important to be sure that your pool is constructed well from the beginning.  One of the most crucial factors of high-quality pool construction is which type of concrete you use.  Here are a few different options:

  • Shotcrete

This version of concrete is applied in a free form method of concrete application that allows the formation of more complicated and detailed shapes with enhanced structures to be watertight. The application process is done by applying high pressure during the concrete mixing while still keeping the strength intact. This is a great method that lessens the chance of crack formation and lowers the risks of leaks on the pool. It is very important to have a professional do the job when dealing with this type of concrete because it is a very specific process.

  • Gunite

The application process of Gunite is very similar as that to Shotcrete because a high pressure hose and free form are utilized. But, with this type of concrete, no water is added. The difference between Gunite from Shotcrete is that the concrete is dry when released from the hose and is only combined with water once it reaches the nozzle. This is still a very effective method and is the most popular option among pool builders.

  • Cast in place concrete

This is known as traditional concrete and occurs by pouring a wet concrete mixture into a frame.  The concrete is then smoothed out with the use of trowels. To minimize the risk of cracks, joins should be placed in the concrete while it is still wet.

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