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Using Bamboo Flooring to Cozy Up a Room

December 30, 2014

Using Bamboo Flooring to Cozy Up a Room

A cozy home is irreplaceable. It is a comfortable haven you can return to after a long day’s work and should be the one destination where you can relax and recharge. How you decorate your home can add to its cozy factor, and bamboo flooring is a great material to help achieve that feeling. There are also many practical benefits of using bamboo.

Bamboo is readily available and grows quickly, which makes it a sustainable enough natural resource that using it for flooring won’t harm  the environment. For people who are looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, this is a huge plus.

Another advantage is the affordability of bamboo. If you’re concerned about your floor wearing and tearing over time, bamboo is a sensible choice because it is inexpensive to repair. Floors that are 5-10 years or that sustain a lot of foot traffic may require some boards to be replaced, and when your floors are made of bamboo that is something that can be done quickly and at a low cost, so your floors remain looking nice and high end.

Bamboo flooring is also well-engineered and easy to install.  Bamboo comes in standard size planks, and they should have at least three days of acclimation to your home’s environment before being installed. This is very important to prevent warping after installation. Warping not only impacts the aesthetic of your floors, but it also makes them unstable and more prone to causing tripping and falling when people walk on them. As long as bamboo is allowed to acclimate before installation, however, it will be incredibly durable.  Bamboo is hard wearing, yet lightweight and can endure a lot of traffic before it begins to show signs of wear and tear.

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