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Safety Precautions for Your Outdoor Fireplace

January 13, 2015

Safety Precautions for Your Outdoor Fireplace

Your safety and the safety of those closest to you is a matter of the greatest importance. The misuse of your outdoor fireplace may jeopardize that safety.

Here is an accident prevention guide that will keep you and your loved ones safe from easily avoidable accidents:

  1. Many manufacturers would recommend Chimnea fireplaces over fire pits and elevated fire pits for safety and comfort reasons. Chimnea is associated with better airflow, ensuring that you and your family don’t have to endure the discomfort of harsh, wind-blown smoke. Elevated fire pits also come with the risk of being overturned while in use, which may cause injuries to those who are near.
  2. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher close at hand. If you have a gas-powered home, make sure there is a shutoff valve within easy reach in case of emergency.
  3. Install a home screen to prevent sparks from escaping. If you have open fires, fitting a screen above your fireplace will protect those in close proximity from stray sparks.
  4. If you are ever tempted to use your outdoor fireplace to burn unwanted trash, resist the urge to do so. Burning refuse can emit harmful and even deadly chemicals into the air. Plastic products and other synthetic materials give off especially toxic fumes when burned.
  5. Your outdoor fireplace should be located far from your home, trees, tall foliage and anything that can possibly catch fire from drifting sparks. Follow local community and state regulations in your area to determine the proper distance you need to place your fire-pit in.

Remember, your city will have codes regarding the safe use of your backyard fireplace.  Please follow these regulations, as they have been set in place for not only your protection, but for the protection of your community.

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